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Hide your real email address to help protect your identity

⁨Firefox Relay⁩ makes it easy to create aliases, randomly generated email addresses that forward to your real inbox. Use it to protect your online accounts - and your identity - from hackers. Sign in with your ⁨Firefox account⁩ to get started.

How It Works

Protect your personal identity everywhere you use the ⁨Firefox Browser⁩.

Install the extension

Download the ⁨Relay⁩ extension for ⁨Firefox⁩. Select the icon that appears on your ⁨Firefox⁩ toolbar to access the sign-in page. Sign in with your ⁨Firefox account⁩ to get started.

Create a new alias

As you browse, the ⁨Relay⁩ icon will appear in form fields where sites ask for your email address. Select it to generate a new, random address that ends in ⁨Relay⁩ will forward messages to the primary email address associated with your account.

Manage your account

Sign in to the ⁨Relay⁩ website to keep track of the aliases you’ve created. If you find that one receives spam or unwanted messages, you can block all messages or even delete the alias, right from the management page.